• 8 research grade replica Archaeopteryx specimens
  • The only Thermopolis specimen replica on public display outside of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center
  • Mounted London specimen Archaeopteryx skeleton
  • Replicas of pterosaurs and Compsognathus
  • Real Solnhofen fossils including dragonflies, insects, squid, shrimp, horseshoe crab, fish, brittle stars, and others.
  • 50+ framed original artworks in media such as oil, acrylic, gouache, pencil, pen and ink, and digital painting. Includes final pieces as well as, sketches, studies, and photographs of artwork in progress.
  • Digitally created mural over 6’ tall and 20’ long
  • Digitally created mural depicting the Solnhofen environment
  • Sculpture in bronze
  • Sculpture in resin, wood, and feathers
  • Interpretive labels with information from both artists and paleontologists
  • Secure display cases
  • Video kiosks with artist interviews, and art in progress video clips
  • Several interactive components for visitors of all ages
  • Center walls in modular configuration


Silver Plume Exhibitions can help incorporate elements from museum's own collection or facilitate a separate lease of additional fossils.


  • Some cases have electrical needs
  • Medium security requirements

    Turn-key, exhibit technicians on site for installation and strike. Institution is responsible for lighting assistance.